We are not just a festival, we are a movement.

We believe that everyone who joins us has the right to enjoy the festival however they want - as long as they follow the ethos!

Beautiful Alice wants everyone to feel accepted and at home despite differences in ethnicity,(dis)ability, sexuality, age, immigration status or gender.

We ask that you come wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable - preferably with lots of colour, glitter and a smile on your face! You are unique and Beautiful Alice invites you to express this.


Beautiful Alice asks you to join her in campaigning for various projects she believes in - we all have a responsibility to the world and to those we share it with. This is a time to come together, communicate and celebrate as well as to raise vital funds, awareness and support for fantastic causes.


Beautiful Alice asks that you respect yourself, respect others and respect your environment - please be responsible with your litter and use the bins provided.


Beautiful Alice wants you to have fun and be safe - behave kindly and honourably always - turn your leaves to the sun and thrive!


We ask that you observe our ethos whilst at the festival and in the wider world - be the person to make the difference, increase the Peace.

Love Always,

The Beautiful Alice Festival Team X

Good times, good people, good cause...


This goes out to those who are involved in any way in this unique and love filled event that has been created by the loss of a one in a million and life changing individual.

 Every soul and personality is welcome to join the Beautiful Alice Party - and an unforgettable party is what you will get, but.... Please bear in mind that these memorable moments that you will have in your hearts forever have been created for a very important reason – to raise awareness, support and donate much needed funding to those who are unfortunate in life and in need of support no matter of race, gender, sexuality or colour.


This was Alice’s goal and we will play our part in continuing her dream!!


So... bring your biggest smiles, open your minds to the fullest and remember that buying a ticket to this movement we are creating, drinking one (or 10) of our range of beverages, or simply by just being with us and shining your light will all go towards changing the unfair and unacceptable situations that our fellow inhabitants of this earth face every day.




Love and Peace to all,


Beautiful Alice xxx


PS. Those who are small minded, screw faced or have a bad attitude will not be welcome and will be used to provide entertainment for the wild, beautiful and exotic creatures that live underneath the stage.

(Animals include hungry badgers, ravenous squirrels and an angry fat monkey.)