The story so far...


Our tragedy was reported in the national press at the time of the accident (December 4th 2014). A lot has been happening since then. This is our story...


Beautiful Alice 2019


All know the way, but few actually walk it.

Tragically, at the end of 2014, our Beautiful Alice (19) - and her wonderful friend Summer (21) – were cruelly taken from us in a terrible accident that could, and should, have been prevented. Caught in a deadly rip current and having no knowledge or understanding of them they were unable to escape. They were coming home to us in just 4 days, having spent the previous 10 weeks volunteering - through the government backed International Citizen Service - in an impoverished township in South Africa.

We are fighting to prevent such tragedies from happening again and are now working closely with the UK government's Department for International Development (through Voluntary Service Overseas and ICS), and with international experts, to improve safety standards for young volunteers abroad and to increase worldwide awareness of rip currents. Our loss is unbearable but we are trying to find the courage to keep going. One of the ways we are doing this is by raising money to support some of the projects that Alice felt so passionately about in her short - but wonderful - life.


Alice worked on several projects supporting local, needy communities in both South Africa and Cambodia. She was a fierce campaigner for human and animal rights and fought injustice where ever she found it. Alice loved music, dancing and sunshine. She described her favourite festival – The Secret Garden Party – as ‘a little piece of heaven on earth’. 


We have organised our own festival to honour Alice and all that she stood for. Following the huge success of our event last year, we are going back to our roots and are thrilled and delighted that this summer we're proud to be hosting a more intimate experience and keeping in line with our founding philosophies... our second Summer of Love Party will be on August 17th in the beautiful garden of The Gate in Bricket Wood. Put the date in your diaries and dust off your dancing shoes!


Please note that this year tickets will be limited to 500 only so please book early to join us to celebrate Alice’s colourful life in a way that would make Alice proud.


All profits go to support charities that Alice believed in, both in the UK and abroad – including the organisation in Cambodia, The Future of Khmer Children, who we are actively working with and where we have already been able to provide funding for a whole new classroom, essential repairs & maintenance to existing buildings, supplies at the school, a clean water well for local  villagers and building completion of the new village outreach school, which opened earlier this year to over 200 students who would otherwise not have access to essential education.


Once again, as testimony to Alice's beautiful soul, we have had hugely generous offers of help and expert assistance pouring in, including a fabulous line up - artists and performers have offered their services for free and everyone on site will be making a donation to our charities. We are confident that our Beautiful Alice Festival will be an amazing day and will be the foundation for us to build on in the difficult years ahead.


There are two ways of spreading light: To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it…


Thank you so much for helping us to continue to keep Alice’s light shining brightly in any way you can, and do get in touch if you would like any further information. 


Love Always,

Alice’s mum - Suzie, and Alice's cousins - Joe and Adam. XXX


Rip currents are a very simple phenomenon. When a build up of water occurs on the shoreline it needs to escape and a rip current is created. The rip current funnels this excess water back out to sea.

Rip currents can look very different from place to place so it's important to do a bit of research specific to the country and even the beach that you are visiting:


*Make yourself aware of what the flags mean and what the signs say. If in doubt ask a lifeguard before entering the water. If no lifeguards patrol the area the local residents and or shopkeepers are a good source of information.

*Rip currents do not pull you under water, they pull you across the surface of the water, away from shore. They will dissipate once they reach deeper water.

*If you get caught in a rip current it's important to KEEP CALM. Never try to swim against the current. There are 2 ways to get out of a rip current safely -

1. Strong confident swimmers should swim parallel to the beach line until they are no longer in the rip and then swim diagonally back to shire away from it.

2. Less confident swimmers should float on their backs, facing the shore and shout and wave their arms to try to attract help. Try to conserve your energy, this may be needed to swim diagonally back to shore with the waves once you are free of the rip current.


Never enter a rip current to save someone else. Get a lifeguard or If one isn't available throw a flotation device into the rip current and raise an alarm.



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